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MAMA 2013! aku dah vote ^^
0 Adorable | Isnin, 4 November 2013 1:16 PTG

Music makes one, Asia's top music awards, the Mnet Asian Music Awards
MAMA launched in 1999 as the first and only Korean music video awards ceremony of its kind, under the name Mnet KM Music Festival. 

In 2009, <Asian Wave>, 2010, <One Asia>, and in 2011, 2012, and now 2013, under the slogan <Music Makes One>, MAMA brings together people of different cultures and different languages, truly bringing all fans and musical artists together on one great stage.

Asia's largest-scale music awards ceremony, MAMA, aims to bring Asia's music to the world, raising up to the global stage and giving international fans the opportunity to select the most beloved songs and artists of the year. 

MAMA is a place where K-Pop artists, Asian stars and international celebrities come together to create collabo stages you won't see anywhere else. :) 

  • Ceremony Name2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards
  • Ceremony Schedule2013.11.22 (Fri) 20:00-24:00 (KST) 
    / 18:00-20:00 Red Carpet, 20:00-24:00 Awards Ceremony (KST)
  • Broadcast Stations- Korean Broadcast: Mnet, KM, tvN, OnStyle, O'live, Story On, XTM
    - Overseas Broadcast: Mnet Japan, Mnet America, channel M
    - Online Live Streaming: mwave.interest.me
  • Ceremony LocationHong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo
  • Executive ProducerCJ E&M
  • Co-Executive ProducerMedia Asia
  • Produced byMnet, channel M
  • Presented byBC Card Unionpay
  • Official SponsorNISSAN SONY
  • SponsorsCJ Oshopping AIA TONYMORY CGV Cinema CJ Korea express Harbour cityMemorigin P&G
  • Judging PlanPotential Nominees -Songs or albums released from 2012.10.24 - 2013.10.23
    Judging System
    - Prelims: Album/Song Sales + Chart Ranking (aggregation of each chart) combined with ranking from Mnet's expert judges and industry professionals
    - Finals: User voting (internet, mobile) and expert judges, expert research, album/song sales, combined digital chart rankings (song sales), and selection committee - a combination of these 6 categories will determine the final winners
    Judges Committee
    - Prelims: Nominee Selection Committee
    - Finals: Professional judges (composed of music professionals, both international and local)
    Korea Award Categories
    -Grand Prize (Daesang): Artist of the Year, BC - UnionPay Song of the Year, Album of the Year (3 total)
    -Singer: Best New Female Artist, Best New Male Artist, Best Female Solo, Best Male Solo, Best Female Group, Best Male Group (6 total)
    -Genre: Best Dance Performance (Female Solo), Best Dance Performance (Male Solo) , Best Vocal Performance (Female), Best Vocal Performance (Male), Best Band Performance, Best Rap Performance (8 Total)
    -Special Prizes: NISSAN JUKE Best Music Video, Best OST (2 Total) 
Korean Judging Criteria 
DivisionOnline VotingResearchExpert Judges
Music SalesRecord SalesSelection Committee
Artist of the year
by Artist
Artist of the year
by Genre
Album of the year30%50%20%
Special Prize30%50%20%
Source: gaon

- Prizes: Chinese, Japanese and other Asian artists from 6 countries
- Judging Criteria: MAMA Asian chart and international professional jury



Hello guys, nama aku Nur Syafiqh Bt Mazalan. stay dekat Gurun Kedah. berusia 19tahun'batch95'lahir di hospital umum kuching sarawak. TAKEN BY AMIRUL AMIN :) thank kerana sudi hadir dalam blog aku :) hope enjoy walaupun blog ni agak bosan :D.

Kata orang, kalau nak buat sesuatu jangan hirau kata orang lain. :D